Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Highlights since last time

Wednesday morning I arise and get dressed. I take my shirt off the hanger, put it on. Ow somethings poking me... Try to get it out, OW hurting worse! OW it stung my finger!! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF! AHHH HUGE SCORPION FELL OUT OF MY SHIRT!!! OH my gosh are scorpions poisonous in Honduras?? Quick, take picture before it gets away so doctors know what kind of anti venom to use. CAN´T die alone!! Crap, no minutes on my phone. Can´t confirm scorpions aren´t poisonous. Getting shakey, its the poison. Must find Honduran before I die so they can take me to the dr. THE SCORPIONS STILL ALIVE!! KILL IT WITH THE SHOE!! Take a picture of dead scorpion. Go to neighbors crying. PHEW scorpions aren´t poisonous here. Stop crying. Neighbor gets me some cream, calls the doctor, and tells me to get vinadril. (She writes it down for me so I can take it to the pharmacy, benadryl). Death avoided. Thanks sweet neighbor.

Yesterday: My civil liberties have been restored! I now have again my freedom of movement, I can´t get arrested and detained indefinitely for no reason, and I can now meet in groups of 20 or more without a permit! PARTY TIME!

I've got to see toucans every day this week! They make me so happy!!

I visited a village that´s been having trouble with their five year old water system. They´re only getting water one day a week!

I finished design number 2!



On top of the tank!

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