Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Work

Kalin is currently in an Aldea (kind of like suburb) of San Sabastian right now working on the
topographic survey for the design of a potable water system. This is her meeting with the community
to assess their needs.
The first time I have been able to use Google Earth to help design a water system was in Palos Blancos an Aldea of El Progresso. Here is one of the houses, they remind me of beach houses because they are all on stilts. Here is the kml file of Palos Blancos.

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Our Cousin Rob Johnson came to visit us during Holy week this year. We made a quick trip to the North Coast where we stayed just a couple of days in small Garifuna Village. This picture is taken from an excursion we went on at a national park penisula where saw howler monkeys.

This is Rob enjoying the freshly caught freshly fried fish.

Just before Rob got there we had a visit from the new Volunteers who will soon be arriving at their sites. Kalin took the opportunity to give a charla to some elementary school students on how to protect your water source and surrounding microshed.

Our one remaining site-mate left in April (we may get new one(s) soon), we had her despedida (going away party) and our local castle. The piƱata was yellow dinosuar named Anna.
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So one of the many things Rob did with us was to hike to the "punto mas alto de Honduras" of the Mountain Celaque.
The highest point in Honduras 2,849 meters, 9345 ft. We started our hike around 1200 meters or 3,930 ft.
Which if your counting is just over on mile up in the vertical direction. We started around 6 in the am and
were off the mountain by 6 at night.

Our town took part in the tradition of making murals/carpets from sawdust in which hours later they are walked apon by a large prosession of people singing and observing the stations of the cross. This particular photo is taken in front of a church close to our house-we heard this particular mural was done by local famous artist Mito Galeano.

Kalin got her put in tight braids while we were on the North Coast this is what happened when she took them out.
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