Monday, March 30, 2009

Mas informacion que Beto

Hey! I figured I'd give a little bit more details than my loving spouse. Right now we are living with a host family. We are here for 6 more weeks. Our host family is very nice. They fix us breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The mom is a retired teacher and the dad travels a lot because he is a motorist or truck driver, or something like that. My 2 house sister are Jeimy and Joli. Joli has an 8 month old baby boy named marcelo. Jeimy and Joli share the raising of the baby and cooking us food and washing our dishes. They are very very nice. Also a grandson lives in our house. He is 4 and his name is Fernando. He likes to sleep in and not go to school (I'm trying to bribe him into going with candy). Me and Bert have a really nice set up here too. We have a little apartment with our own toilet and shower!! It's a lot more privacy than our other home, bc we're not connected to the rest of the house. We have a front porch with a hammock on it, no AC but we have a fan. We also have our mosquito net up already, so we're ready for rainy season and the skeeters that come with it. Nobody lives in the room under us, and there aren't many bugs (except ants) since we're high up. We also have a mango tree which shades our house which is nice except in the middle of the night or morning when you get woken up by falling mangos. It sounds like a door is being slammed. But, we're getting used to it. Mangos are ripe and in season, but surprisingly I've only had one since I've been here. Other interesting things: We surveyed all last week using an abney level, and this week we will be working on an actual design using total stations and theodolites! For holy week, we will get to take day trips with our family to 3 different beaches. We'll also get to travel to danli to pick up another sister that is away for high school. Yay for seeing the country! Ok that's all for now - oh yeah Bert is getting better in his spanish!

Desde una Semana de Field Based Training

So we have now been in the South of Honduras in a small quaint town now for over a week. It is quite hot here several days have been over the 100 degree mark and Im not sure at night it has entered the 70s. But this town is nice, we have spanish classes in the morning still and more specific training in the afternoons. Entonces here are some pictures;

Friday, March 6, 2009


Soo I can finally write a little bit more! My rash is gone from the malaria medecine, and I switched to another kind that apparently helps clear up your skin as well! So I guess I´ll tell you all about where we are staying here in honduras! We are staying in a town near Santa Lucia. It´s pretty cool here unless you´re standing in the sun in the afternoon. I´ve had to wear a jacket everyday. Our family here is very sweet. They are an elderly couple, 60 and 80. We share our bathroom with their son, who I think is a physical trainer, in a gym? Whatever he does, he lifts weights. He´s not there very much though. He gets home late and leaves early. We go to bed early and wake up early here. We start school at seven thirty. We have spanish classes for 4 hours in the morning and technical, safety, culture, and health classes in the afternoon. So far, they have been really interesting. All of our fellow volunteers are very nice as well. I have 3 other people in my language class, one is a gymnist and one does ballet! So during our breaks, I´ve been learning to do handstands and bridges and cartwheels! I´m pretty sore today. Bert hasn´t been feeling well today or yesterday either (I don´t know how to make sad faces here bc I can´t find the semicolon or the colon). He´s taking medicine though and is getting better. Other interesting things are there is a lemon tree in our backyard with lemons as big as giant grapefruits, we went on a field trip to a river today, the soccer field was all dirt, no grass, and there is a lot of poop in the street from donkeys! Well I think that´s all for now!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

IN Honduras

No puede escribir mucho porque i am on the computer of our host family so I´ll make this breif as possible. We are currently in training, espaƱol and technical, for 3 more weeks here then we will head to another town for on site technical training for 7 weeks then we shall return here. Here is great our host family is great the weather is great and we are learning so much. Today Kalin is having a few stomach issues and had an allergic reaction to the malaria pills, she got a rash on her arm and leg, it is very annoying, I say vicariously. Hopefully she will feel better soon. Because the food is so good here. That is all I can say for now perhaps next weekend we will be able to write more.

Peace y Paz

Bert and Kalin