Sunday, March 1, 2009

IN Honduras

No puede escribir mucho porque i am on the computer of our host family so I´ll make this breif as possible. We are currently in training, español and technical, for 3 more weeks here then we will head to another town for on site technical training for 7 weeks then we shall return here. Here is great our host family is great the weather is great and we are learning so much. Today Kalin is having a few stomach issues and had an allergic reaction to the malaria pills, she got a rash on her arm and leg, it is very annoying, I say vicariously. Hopefully she will feel better soon. Because the food is so good here. That is all I can say for now perhaps next weekend we will be able to write more.

Peace y Paz

Bert and Kalin


Kit said...

Hope you feel better Kalin! Ya'll are in my prayers--I miss you already!

Carin said...

yeah, I hope training goes well. Feel better Kalin!

Justin said...

We miss you and we're praying for you too!