Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Ferria Pictures

Kalin in her "typical" dress
I'm not sure why there was a Sun god in the parade but here is Kalin with her accesories.

Kalin and Lempira

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Kalin La India Bonita

There is a big Fair in Gracias every 20th of July where they commemorate a local native indian hero Lempira who never surrendered to the spanish and was assassinated during treaty talks.  In this fair there were several parades and Kalin was in one of them.
This week was the most culturally busy week in Gracias. There were art shows, poetry reading,  symphony, and a reenactment of the assassination of Lempira in the middle of the municipal park. There were several beauty pageants throughout the week to crown the India Bonita.  

This particular parade Kalin was in with work partners (the technical unit of the 5 municipalities).