Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trip to Tegucigalpa!

This is a super ugly picture of my eye...just so you know how ugly I feel. Nicknames for my chalazion: hijo, ojon (huge eye)
Honduran causes for stys: Too much mantequilla (sour cream), I watched a dog pooping, Someone told me a secret and the secret passed from my ear to my eye, I touched a frog
Honduran methods for curing stys: Pass a cat tale over it, lick your finger get some friction and touch it to your eye, eat carrots, stick ear wax on my eye

So this blog comes from the capital! I am in the peace corps office using the internet. I finally got to come for my eye appointment! So I left yesterday at 5:30 a.m. and arrived here at about 2ish. We took a trip to the mall here and stumbled upon WALMART!!! You can't believe how excited I was to have options!! Here are some things that I bought that made me really happy:

Dr. Pepper!!
Dove dark chocolate!
Brownie mix
Hypoallergenic pillows!
A measuring cup!

We also dined at TGIFridays which was splendid. Oh and the specialness of this trip to the capital is that one of my favorite people in Peace Corps has decided to end her service and go home, and I get to hang out with her for her final days in the country!!! So last night we went to a fancy place and all split a delicious margherita pizza! Today we ate at Mcdonalds :) And the results of my exam: my eye has a chalazion. His recommendation: surgery/lancing/cutting it open. However you want to call it. I don't know where this would take place, so we'll see! Also my family was very concerned that what I had was Chagas, a parasite that has almost no symptoms except eye swelling and it attacks your heart in about 10 or 20 years and you die. So, I had a blood test taken to put their worried minds at ease. I'll get the results soon! Oh also, about 5 volunteers on the north coast are getting moved to different cities because of an increase in drug trafficking. Eek! And there have been no more sitings of the crazy dogs that attacked me, they have been kept in their house. Kind of a disappointment because we've been ready to beat them with rocks every time we pass.

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Carin said...

I'm glad you finally made it for your eye appointment, we'll be praying for your healing. and please don't beat the dogs, I'll pray for them to soften up.