Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life in the Campo

So Last week Kalin and I spent two nights and three days out in a village doing
a topostudy. The "aldea" consisted of 49 houses that had no potable water system.
Some house had rigged hoses from nearby creeks to provide water other houses
had no water at all. They also had no electricity. The first night
was the night of the Honduran-Mexico (que barbaridad) soccer game which we were able to
watch on a 9 inch black and white tv powered by a car battery. The pictures show
the house we stayed in, and some of the family- they were great and super
gracious providing us with delicious food - homemade tortilllas from corn
grown nearby that they grind up, beans grown nearby, coffee grown there, and
a homemade cheese. They treated us like Kings even making us their special
chicken soup. I got the chance to play soccer with them- they play everyday
for an hour and half. Kalin returned one more day and finished the entire study
in four days, she is currently working on the design.


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