Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Montaña Verde

So Bert and I have been working on a pretty cool project lately in a pretty poor and inaccessible village. To get there, we drive for 1 and a half hours on a dirt road, and then continue on horseback for three hours. There isn't electricity, water, or letrines of any sort here. So we have quite an experience. While we're there, they cook us food and we stayed in Ana's house. She is a 28 year old single woman who still lives with her parents, but has her own house. Her dad is a pastor at the evangelical church. This is her house. The door on the left is the kitchen and the door on the right is the bedroom. We shared a twin sized bed to sleep on, but it was ok cause it was really cold.

This is where the community will get their water from. These guys are the guys that helped us on our survey.

Bert's first horse back ride!!

Anita's kitchen. On the right hand side of the picture is the stove they cook on. Its a firewood stove. In the middle of the picture on the table there is a rock on top of a stone. She uses that to crush her beans with. She sewed the clothes she's wearing.
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