Sunday, February 14, 2010

Topographic Training

So this past week we went to La Labor Ocotepeque, the site of our friend Xiah, to do a training on how to use the total station for topographic studies. Xiah taught about GPS and mapping, Kalin taught a math review, and together we showed the students how to use the Total Station (a automatic theodolite that the communities near Labor bought). The students were two selected jovenes "young folk" from each community. Overall I feel like things went real well. Xiah will be testing the students in the coming week to see if they can be hired by the communities to do the studies (in the past only highly paid topographers or peace corps volunteers have been doing). So in conclusion I feel good about being a part of an activity that seems to meet the sustainability goals of peace corps. The workshop was four days long on friday went to a waterfall.

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