Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pena Blanca -Puppy- work

Kalin left and spent her first nights out in the Village by herself doing a water study for this town.
They currently have no potable water and very few have latrines.

We got a new puppy to protect our house. His name is Pecas or Freckles or Pecoso.

So a couple of weekends ago Kalin and I went to Pena Blanca to visit our friend Tara Oates, who is a bi-lengual teacher there.
We went and saw the really big falls there that sound something like pullyapantsup falls.

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Shannon said...

Beautiful falls and super sweet puppy!

Carin said...

YEAH puppy. hope he's a good guard dog!

marie said...

that's a very cute puppy...miss you guys so much!

Lee said...

guard is a pet.

nice picture of yall at the waterfall.