Friday, November 12, 2010

Funlesol Website

The organization that I (Bert) work with is called Funlesol. They are a local honduran "non-profit" organization that works here in Lempira Honduras. They were started in 2006 in connection with Solidaridad Internacional to try and keep the non-profit project management local and more sustainable. 

They survived and continued to work after the Honduran governmental problems of 2009.  They are the counterpart organization for several international NGO's including Heifer and Dipuacion de Jaen.

The boss of Funlesol is making a 3 week trip to Spain to try and find funding organizations for some of the projects Kalin and I have worked on.  I put together this website (blog) before he leaves so that they have a website, you should find some more information about some of the projects Kalin and I have worked on.


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