Tuesday, January 26, 2010

24 - Destination: Trujillo

So, after being in the capital all week for doctor appointments, we got to go to Trujillo for a MARV meeting. MARV stands for MARried Volunteers, and is a support group for all the married people in Peace Corps. Trujillo is a beautiful town on the North Coast complete with bay, mountains, hot springs, rivers, and much much more. From the capital, it was a 12 hour bus ride. Our first night we ate dinner, met with the other couples, watched some locals sing and dance, and went swimming! At night you can see the phytoplankton in the water when you swish around, because they light up! It was pretty. For the rest of our time we hiked to some cascades nearby and played in the river, we walked along the bay for a couple hours, we hiked to the top of a mountain near the bay, and played on the beach. Enjoy the pics!

Bert rock hopping upstream.


MARV group!

This is a dead monkey we found on the trail on the way up the mountain. We think it may have gotten electrocuted.
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