Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas in the states!

So thanks to Delta's 175 dollar tickets, we got to visit the United States of Awesome this Christmas. I never knew how much I appreciated the U.S., and enjoyed tons of things I always took for granted. These are some of the highlights of our glorious trip:

1. Seeing all our fam! It had been 10 months, the longest I've gone without seeing mi familia in person. Grandma and Papa, Denise (tia) and David (tio), Noelle and Marcelle (Primas), Sharon (tia), Rachel and Benjamin (primos) all came to see us. Also we got to see everyone on Bert's side, (including Jim and Kit and Rob and Lucy Kate (sobrina) and William (sobrino)! Oh yeah and I met Julien! (see the pic below)
2. Tons of water pressure! My parents got a new shower with two shower heads, and I definitely turned them both on me, it was amazing! I could shampoo my hair and turn around and never get cold! ps you can drink the shower water without getting sick!
3. Flushing toilet paper - Although I accidentally forgot a couple times and tossed the paper in the trash can
4. Chick fil A! We ran in the airport in atlanta to get a sandwich for dinner during our layover.
5. Carrabas - We went out with the fam to eat and I got my favorite - chicken bryan. A chicken topped with the most delicious melt in your mouth goat cheese ever. Also complemented with sun dried tomatoes and mashed potatoes.
6. Krispy Kreme - HOT NOW!
7. Walmart - I loved it before, but I love it more now than ever (keep your anti walmart comments to yourself until you live in a country with zero food options). We spent most of our time just walking around gawking at the possibility of things that we could buy.
8. Friends! We got to see Marie and Eric (played settlers with them), Nicole drove down to see me, met up with Megan, Meghan, Karen, and Brittany. My friends are the best.
9. Not itchy bed- I could sleep at night without panicking something was crawling on me.
10. Not being the center of attention in public - I realized in Walmart nobody stared at us, we were no longer in the minority! It's kind of traumatic to always be the focus of everyone's attention, but I've started dealing with it by pretending I'm famous, and this is just one of the consequences of leading a glamorous life style.

There are many more, but I can't think of them now. So we returned to Honduras with our suitcases full of goodies from the states, and luckily arrived back home with zero problemas.

One of the highlights of our christmas break was meeting my new nephew, Julien! He was definitely the cutest santa clause ever.

My family!

We also got to meet Kendra's doggy. She was kind of scared of the world, but very cute and not bothersome like most dogs can be...
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The Hayes Zoo said...


I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you got to go and had such a great time!!! :)

May it help you over the next months...:)

Abrazos les extranamos muchisimo.