Monday, May 3, 2010

Amol and Celaque

These are our friends we climbed Celaque with. We didn't go all the way to the top this time.

Our puppy went hiking with us!

This is the village where I worked this week. It's name is Amol, which I'm not sure what it means. When I asked the people here, they said I chinese person gave them the name, trying to say "Amor". Who knows. Conditions were pretty good, while the rest of the country was having record highs, the temperature was kind of chilly every day with a lot of cloud cover. It rained two of the three nights I stayed there. The first night I shared a room with the lady that cooked my food and her granddaughter. She warned me before we fell asleep that she snores. hehe. The next two nights I had a room by myself with a bed that was just a little bit shorter than me. This village was about 4 hours from where I live. Three hours in car and 1 hour in horseback. There are about 20 houses here and there is no electricity, but there are latrines! I finished the topo study for the water system while I was there, so I'll be working on the design this week!

The lady in the top row was Maria, the one that cooked for me. The little window that you see behind the group was the window to my bedroom.
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