Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Corrupción y Pobreza

So I met a guy the other day in a village, and we talking about development in general. And he, without explaining it, refered to Electricity arriving to a Village as "corruption."  Later he explained that the electricity  is not necessarily the problem, but the normally the first thing a family buys after a light is a Television. Though the introduction of  lights also drastically change the social aspect of the village, television does the most damage.  Not only do the constant commercials educate the people that they don't have what they need to be happy. But the programs themselves, like telenovelas, preach several types of mistruths. 

I met another guy who never referred to his town or Honduras in general as being a "poor" place. He would say there are abundant natural resources and that he feels rich to have a familly that loves him and a community that supports him.

2 thoughts that got me thinking.


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Regina said...

what an interesting idea!