Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog 2 New Orleans: The City of Upside Down Boats

Kalin and I arrived in New Orleans (N.O.) on Saturday Evening and met up Meghan Knowles and her roommate, Liz Kuester. We decided to go eat in the French Quarter and an Italian Joint called Angeli. It was very good. It was too cold to explore much more of the town so we got a driving tour and returned to St Benards Parish and the house of the girls. After that Kalin stayed up talking with Meghan and I passed out. The next morning Kalin and I toured N.O. we saw the ECO houses funded by Brad Pitt in the Lower ninth ward, the State Museum, and got some swell breakfast at a cafe. We drove every road of the French Quarter looking for parking space and still managed to get a parking ticket. The oddest thing about the town is all the foundations of missing houses everywhere -especially in St Bernards and the Ninth Ward, it gave me a sense of being in future.

Kalin's highs- jogging by the river(canal), catching up with Meghan, and the Ham and Brie Croissant.

Now to Houston



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Shannon said...

Glad to hear of safe travels...Kalin, I read your letter. i will e-mail you soon. Thanks! Peace of Christ to you both,