Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ow! That cactus poked me in the butt!

Last night we arrived late in Tuscon, Arizona. We stayed with my friend, Beth, and her husband, Jeff. I met Beth the summer after my freshman year when we lived in Mexico together. We stayed up late talking and slept in the next day (Actually, Bert slept in and I checked email). Beth and Jeff had class at 10, and we stayed and lounged in their condo (which is the coolest condo I've ever been in). I enjoyed the last shower I will probably have until we reach Colorado. We had lunch at Lily's Cocina and then discovered the fondness that Beth had towards Arizona's favorite plant, the Saguaro (suh-war-oh) Cactus. This cactus, very ugly to my untrained eye, is apparently a highly valued plant and is even stolen from the deserts and sold on the black market (or so I hear.) It is protected by the state and grows only 1 foot in 15 years. The best of these cactii have arms. Arms take like 75 years to grow. So to explain the title, while we were posing for pictures with the precious cactii, I got poked in the butt! The spikeys actually stuck in my butt just like all the cartoons!! We had to pick out 6 little spikeys. I can't believe that cactus poked me in the butt! So after the cactus fiasco, we parted from our friends and headed north. We are on our way to the grand canyon!!

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Kit said...

I can't believe you actually got cactus in your butt! ...somehow that makes me laugh a little :)