Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Blog: The End of One Journey, The Beginning of Another

First Blog: The End of One Journey, The Beginning of Another

In September 2007, we began our application to the Peace Corps. One month later we interviewed with them in Atlanta. Now, a year, 3 months, and 1 night in jail later we are exactly one month away from beginning our training in Santa Lucia, Honduras. We have said farewell to our loved ones in Clemson and are heading west. Destination: The Grand Canyon. This blog's purpose is to keep those of you who have some form of interest in our lives informed of our journeys. The first part of our lives that I will share with you is highlights from our Going Away/ Birthday Party. On my first night of being 23, we celebrated at Eric and Marie's house. The best parts: yummy Johson turkey barbecue, way fun friends, and AWESOME games. The highlight of the family name game was when Kit Johnson OWNED Michael Sawyer in a viscious duel. The highlight of silent telephone was the progression of Marie's phrase, "That's what she said." to "There's no way I can hammer with just one eye" to "Very unhappy men hit themselves in the head with axes" to "I'm sad when I hit myself in the head with a pot". (You had to be there) The guests who traveled the farthest to come to our party were my ROCKIN brother and sister, Derrick and Kendra (and of course Lindsay and the Bath Matt) and J-money Jarvis. We were definitely awake until about 4ish in the morning. Thanks Eric and Marie for letting us trash your trash your house and have a great time. Next stop: New Orleans.


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Kit said...

OOOh!!! I made the blog! I made the blog! :-)

Hope ya'll are having a rocking trip!