Sunday, February 8, 2009

Boulder and Frisco

So we have just returned to Robs house in Boulder after spending the weekend in Frisco/Copper Mountain Area of Colorado.
On thursday we hiked the Flat Irons here near Boulder, it was a pretty good workout. This is Kalin from the top of Flat Iron 1.

On Friday after exploring the town of Boulder we met up with the Fant's and all drove in the little truck to Frisco. The next morning Chas and Amy went snowboarding and Kalin, Rob, and I went snowshoeing in a national forest adjacent to the Resort. We returned to our Condo and to the hot tub and to grilled meal. On Sunday we all headed back to Copper Mountain - Kalin and I went Tubing down some crazy hills.
Kalin's high of this weekend was playing games with everybody in the Condo and her low was her snowboarding attemp. My high was adrenaline associated with the speed of going down a hill spinning and clutching Kalin's feet. My low was finding out that there was free lifts we could have gone up an hour before we had to leave.

Next Stop: unknown - where the wind blows

but we leave here tommorrow morning


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