Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest and Painted Desert

Giant Duck eats Native American Man circa 1200 AD

Last night, we had the luxury of staying in America's Best Hotel. I think the hotel was an old quality inn that had gone out of business. So we got a cheap room (with a hot tub!) and slept on a huge bed, which was awesome after the huge hike. Today we went to see Meteor Crater and the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert. Meteor Crater was a rip off. It cost $15 per person. We had already driven all the way out there so we just figured we'd go anyways. I mean, it was pretty cool to see the crater, but it would have been a lot cooler if it was only $5 a person. Next, we went on to the Petrified Forest. It was odd to see all these huge fallen trees that were now shiny rocks in the middle of the desert. This national park was pretty cool, because you could just drive through it all and stop where you wanted to. It had really odd mountains with different shades of grey and red in it, with all kinds of wrinkles in the sides from water drainage. I kind of think the grey mountains looked like elephant skin. The painted desert was very pretty, but compared to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, we weren't as impressed as we could have been. So we are continuing east. We're at a very cool cafe in Albuquerque, New Mexico and we're going to try to make it to the border of Colorado tonight.


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