Monday, May 11, 2009

De Vuelto

So now we are back in Zarabanda, our original location. I sadly left my house in Pespire, I didn’t want to leave my sisters there that I had got so close to. As we traveled back, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees, and I went from sweating to freezing. When we arrived at our house, we found our fellow trainee awaiting us. His family was out of town, so we got to have a sleepover. Yay! The next day we went to the national park, “La Tigra”. We got the bus at 7ish and it was very very full. We were doubled up in the aisle. We rode about an hour standing up and got off the bus at the top of a long long set of stairs. We proceeded to walk through a tiny town and up a mountain for a couple hours. We walked past the first American Embassy building and all the historic houses that were there. We finally made it to the entrance of the park, already tired, but at least it had been cloudy and cool. We took a trail to a waterfall and passed a lot of cool mossy looking trees. We saw a toucan and I heard the prettiest bird call I’ve ever heard in my life. I never found the bird it belonged to, but it sounded it like eeeehhoooooeoeoeoe. Jk it sounded like a really high beautiful flute or something like that. We found the waterfall and it was really high but wasn’t as impressive as some of the SC waterfalls we had visited this year. I guess it didn’t have a lot of water. Beto, of course, showered in it. So we turned around and walked back very tired to the bus and had to stand an hour again, but it was definitely worth it. This week should go by pretty fast. Today we got all the Peace Corps rules, I did handstands and bridges, we found out our next family is really nice and wanted us to stay with them without getting paid and our work places are right next to each other!


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