Sunday, May 31, 2009

Real Work

Hey Folks,

So we have been here in site now for two weeks, and on the work side of things we have been quite busy figuring out the pile of work and figuring out a schedule and how we are going to divide up the work since it seems the projects are done sort of together in between our two counterpart organization. We have visited several water systems and talked to a couple of juntas de agua. It appears that Kalin and I are going to do our first topographic study of a small town, I think I am going to help her the first couple of days and then start my own topo study right next to the national park up and down a creek. On the non work side of things - we have met a missionary couple that lives really close to us and are real nice and let us use there wireless internet. We really like our family here they are super considerate. I get to play soccer with my host brother nearly every day with some other high school kids in our neighborhood. Today we are going to look for houses to rent closer than our current location. Well i am going go now Kalin may add some text later.



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