Monday, May 4, 2009


It's been a long time since our last blog! Since the last one, we've been in Pespire sweating up a storm. We both passed the Spanish level that Peace Corps requires, so that's awesome! We've made a stove and a pila for a lady who has a tortilla business. A pila is a big basin of water since water only comes one hour a day. The stove is made out of horse poop and is more efficient than normal stoves and has a chimney, so its better for respiration problems. We've also designed a water system, thats probably not gonna be built for financial reasons. We found out our site today! I don't think i'm supposed to post it, so if you really want to know, let me know! Our site is close to 2 hot springs and is close to the highest mountain in Honduras (a cloud forest!!) It gets cool during our winter time and sounds pretty awesome!! So we're only here in Pespire one more week, and then we have one week in Zarabanda and then we swear in for our 2 years! Our time is going by fast! Highlights of our time here:
We became residents of Honduras for 3 years!
We went to the Mango fiesta and danced the whole night!
I can't think of more...
Oh yeah - A little boy here gave me the nickname "QueLindaJesus" I don't know why but its so cute.
Every now and then my host sister lets me put her baby to sleep in the hammock and he falls asleep really fast with me cause he loves me.
Our friend got kicked out of peace corps for publishing a news paper article without knowing about it.

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